About Us

Sokozillah is an Online Marketplace working on promoting African Businesses to the Global Economy. We are giving priority to African Businesses though not limiting or discriminating other races. Our Main aim is to provide. a complete ecosystm of Ecommerce and Financial Technology (FinTech), Provide a user frriendly platform where African Entrepreneurs can engage one on one with their customers with ease. 

Sokozillah Operates in Kenya (Kenyan Office) and Also in the United States of America (Denver-Colorado). However, our services are global and accessible in all countries which accept /permit online shopping. Sokozillah accepts sell of legal products only. 

Prohibited products are banned from sale on Sokozillah. Specific prohibited products will vary by market, due to different local legal requirements. However, the following categories of products are always prohibited from sale on Sokozillah : ● narcotics ● weapons ● currency ● used products ● harzardous and dangerous products ● counterfeit products or pirated software.