Sell on SokoZillah

Here are simple Steps on How to become a vendor and start selling your products on Sokozillah 

1. Click on the “Registration” button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

2. Enter your details and remember to read then agree to the “Terms and Conditions”. Next, click on the “Create Account” button.

3. You will, then, be redirected to the Home Page. You’ll then click on the “My Panel” button at the top right-hand corner. You’ll be asked to verify your email. Simply check for the verification email which will have the verification link within. Be sure to check your “Spam” folder, as sometimes the email will be sent there.

4. Once you’ve verified your email, you’ll return to Sokozillah and be redirected to your default customer dashboard. At the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll click on “Be A Seller” button.

5. Wait for Verification from SOKOZILLAH TEAM. Once your Account is verified to Sell, Your default dashboard will change to a seller pannel.  Your Vendor Account is now Ser and you will also have a verification Badge. Bow its time to Add your Products for Sale.

6. Navigate to the Left Drop Down Menu to "Products" . You Will then Get an Option To "ADD NEW PRODUCT" Click on The "+" Sign to add NEw Product

7. Fill In all The details of the product and then click on the "UPLOAD BUTTON" at the bottom of the product page. Your Product is then Published automatically to SOKOZILLAH.COM

8. HURRAY!!!  Yout products are now live on SOKOZILLAH.COM . Visible to millions of customers worldwide

Selling on Sokozillah Is completely free untill you make a sale via our platform where we charge a Seller commision of 10% on all products. This will be evident in your seller pannel.

NOTE  :  SokoZillah uses United States Dollar US ($) as the base currency. to those in the countries using any other currency kindly make sure to convert your equivalent amount to $